Smoking tobacco has been something that people have been doing for almost as long as civilization has been around. Over the years, there have been ways to enjoy the rich flavors and calming nature that many smokers find from their favorite brands, there is also another part to all of this, however. Many of the popular companies that we see today started off as just a simple dream. Before these brands grew into the well-recognized labels, they had to first start off with something much smaller. 

White Owl Cigars is one of the companies that not only was able to grow in popularity but can also be viewed as a story of the American dream. The creator of White Owl was Joesph Cullman. His family had migrated to the United States during the late 1800s in search of a better life. When Cullman was old enough, he set out to create his own business selling quality cigars.

At first, his operation was small and mostly sold cigars to the locals that lived near him. As his popularity grew, however, he was able to get enough money to buy out one of the bigger competitors in his area; General Cigar. With his new factory giving him the ability to expand his operation he was not only able to become a national name, but he was also able to develop new ways to preserve the flavors of the cigars he sold. Over the years White Owl became one of the most popular brands of cigars. Today, it's hard to find a store that doesn't carry at least a few of the different types of cigars that White Owl makes. From small single cigars up to the normal sizes ones, there is something for every type of smoker when it comes to White Owl. 

From simple beginnings to national success, this cigar company is one that stands out from the rest of the pack, not just for the quality of tobacco, but also for many innovations that they created which have become the standard for many other cigar companies. This was the first company to use foil as a way to preserve cigars and they were one of the first companies to employ the use of machines to make their cigars. The standards set by White Owl changed the game for everyone. 



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