7 Essential Tips for Cigar Smoking Etiquette
While cigars can be enjoyed alone, they are also one of the most popular things in the world to share among friends and colleagues. Cigar-smoking events can be held for many reasons; they're perfect for celebrating triumphs and big life-events like promotions, marriage, the birth of a baby, and other successes. Other times, friends will gather to smoke together just for the fun and camaraderie of it.

As in any social situation, there are rules and etiquette that should be followed in order to be an ideal guest. If you have a cigar event coming up and you aren't sure how to conduct yourself, here are some tips that will help you make a good impression and get invited back. 

1. Don't try to impress anyone. Even if you're an experienced cigar smoker, doing this will make you look like a beginner. Nobody likes someone who has to make everything into a competition, and your efforts will backfire. Instead, just enjoy the atmosphere and relax, follow the proper procedures for cutting and lighting, and you'll look like you belong.

2. Don't ask for a puff of someone else's cigar. This is just not done! If you want to try a new cigar, get one of your own, whether you buy one next time you're at a tobacconist's shop or trade for one from the owner of the cigar you're interested in. They may even just give you one if they have an extra on hand.

3. Don't mooch. Cigar smokers are known for being generous, but you should give back as much as you take. Never show up to a cigar gathering without bringing any cigars of your own.

4. Don't use someone else's cigar cutter if you have already put the cigar in your mouth. This is for the same reason that you don't share a single cigar with someone else: nobody wants to share saliva with you.

5. Don't blow smoke in anyone's face. Whether by accident or on purpose, be sure not to give anyone around you a face full of smoke. Not only is this unpleasant in general, it can also ruin the experience for a fellow smoker!

6. Don't insult someone else's brand. If someone else is smoking a cigar you personally don't like, don't lord it over them with how much better you think your cigar is. It's just rude, and people like what they like. It's a matter of taste, and your choice of cigars does not make you a superior individual.

7. Don't put your cigar out like a cigarette. If you do, it will release a cloud of smoke and foul odor that will linger and spoil the smoking experience for everyone around you. When you're finished with a cigar, just sit it on the rim of the ashtray and let it die gracefully.

There you have it: 7 tips that will serve you well in cigar-smoking situations. You'll find that it boils down to being polite and considerate; these are common sense, not secret rituals. With these major faux pas out of the way, you're good to go!


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