Richwood Filtered Cigars Strawberry

Richwood Filtered Cigars Strawberry

  • Style: Filtered Cigar
  • Brand: Richwood
  • Flavor: Strawberry
  • Packaging: 10 packs of 20
  • Machine Made: Yes
  • Quantity: 200 cigars
  • Size: 3 7/8 x 20

Quantity: 10 Packs of 20

Strength: Mild

Wrapper: Natural

Size: 3 7/8 x 20

Richwood Strawberry Filtered cigars are popular across the US for their premium quality and affordable pricing. These cigars measure 3 inches in length and have a ring gauge of 20. The filler is an exquisite blend of high-quality, toasted Kentucky Burley tobacco leaves infused with a fruity strawberry flavor. The natural sweetness of this tobacco is enhanced by the strawberry, making these cigars truly irresistible. The filler blend and the homogenized tobacco leaf wrapper burn slowly to provide a smooth finish along with an intensely aromatic smoke. These thin, filtered cigars are perfect alternatives to both cigarettes. This set has 200 machine made cigars, which are packed in 10 boxes of 20 each. Made by Kentucky-based Tantus Tobacco.

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